Wise Money

Wise Money Toronto Canada

Wise Money ( wisemoneyca ) Serving the society with continuous financial investment to flourish small entrepreneurship in the society to eradicate poverty.

it’s ( wisemoneyca ) vision is to independent financially solvent people and huge job opportunities for the society.

In the year of 2008 world economy observed a great economic meltdown after the great depression in 1932. Thousands of investor in financial market has lost there investment even though the collateral. People become poor in overnight, not only their personal life but also their social life were affected brutally. At that time investment intelligence and financial prudence were in need. Bearing this need in mind a group of financial intelligence professional came up with an idea which will address this need and serve the affected people to get back in normal life. Wise money had started with 20 members most of them were part of the company in Toronto Canada. In the first year wise money was able to collect 50 investors with $5 million and invested in various sectors. It has been eight years the company is serving the community with their financial investment needs. At present wise money has invested in real estate, groceries store, mechanical shop, beauty parlour and restaurant. ( wisemoneyca )The company has more than 500 investors invested their small amount in various business.