Investment Sectors

wise money mostly invest in small business to promote entrepreneurship in the society with job opportunities in GTA. Our investment sectors:

Real Estate

The increasingly competitive Greater Toronto Area real estate market is on pace for another year of record-breaking sales and double-digit price growth as buyers bid aggressively for the few houses on the market. Sales in the first quarter of 2016 rose 15.8 per cent from the opening three months of last year, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board.

The 10,326 homes sold in March was a 16.2-per-cent increase from the year earlier and accounted for nearly half the 22,575 homes that changed hands in the first quarter.

The average selling price across all housing types in the Greater Toronto Area rose 12.1 per cent year-over-year in March to $688,181.

The market could have experienced even stronger sales growth if it were not constrained by a deficit of new listings.

The number of new listings was down compared to the same period last year, meaning there were more buyers competing for fewer homes. The number of homes listed for sale in the first quarter fell to its lowest level for a first quarter in at least 12 years, according to an analysis by National Bank.

A competition among buyers for fewer homes often results in bidding wars that drive prices higher. In March, the average detached GTA home inched closer to the $1 million mark, sitting at $910,375.

All those things together make a busy time. That is why wise money is investing in real estate market at present there are 11 projects are going on with 78 completed in eight years.


Convenience store

Convenience stores are the oldest part of Canadian society. In fact they are the vibrant part of the society. Before the inception of modern super mall or super stores these convenience store used to serve the daily needs. Still there is a huge demand of convenience stores. People who want to be self-employed are investing in it. Wise money has found great potentiality in this sector. At present wise money has 25 investment convenience stores in GTA.


Boutique shop

Nowadays in Toronto boutique shop business has been a great investor sector. Wise money has invested in boutique stores and created job opportunities for the society. In boutique shops clothes, showpiece and various household items are being sold. Wise money owns 15 boutique stores in GTA.


Beauty parlor and salon

Every year’s number of immigrants are coming to Toronto. These immigrants are very keen to success in very short period of time. Most of them are getting technical diplomas like beauty parlour and hair dressing. So this business is growing and has got the attention of wise money. Now wise money has 10 salons and eight beauty parlour in GTA.



There are thousands of indigenous restaurants in south and east of Toronto.  Toronto has the food diversity with the opportunities of new food restaurants. As demand is growing with the number of immigrants wise money has invested in various indigenous restaurants. Wise money has invested in 22 restaurants in GTA.